Faron S and Faron T Squeegee Blades Ranges

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Faron S and Faron T Squeegee Blades Ranges

Blade No. Blade Type Hardness Shore 'A' (+/-5) Thickness mm (+/-0.3) Width mm (+/-1) Length mm (+/-5) Profile
Red Squeegee - 65 Shore A
SR525 Single 65 5 25 2650 Square
SR735 Single 65 7 35 2650 Square
SR950 Single 65 9 50 2650 Square
TR735 Triple 65 7 35 2650 Square
TR950 Triple 65 9 50 2650 Square
Green Squeegee - 75 Shore A
SG525 Single 75 5 25 2650 Square
SG735 Single 75 7 35 2650 Square
SG950 Single 75 9 50 2650 Square
TG735 Triple 75 7 35 2650 Square
TG950 Triple 75 9 50 2650 Square
Purple Squeegee - 80 Shore A
SP525 Single 80 5 25 2650 Square
SP735 Single 80 7 35 2650 Square
SP950 Single 80 9 50 2650 Square
Blue Squeegee - 85 Shore A
SB525 Single 85 5 25 2650 Square
SB735 Single 85 7 35 2650 Square
SB950 Single 85 9 50 2650 Square
TB950 Triple 85 9 50 2650 Square

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Why people are choosing Faron Squeegee Blades?

The FARON squeegee Blade is produced for CF Print Supplies in a state of the art manufacturing facility, to the highest standards. Our innovative range of high specification abrasion and chemical resistant urethane squeegee blade products are produced specifically for the Screen Printing Industry. CF Print Supplies FARON general purpose Squeegee Blades are manufactured from a bespoke spun cast urethane formulation that exhibits exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance. Many of today’s solvent based ink systems are extremely aggressive to urethane elastomers resulting in swelling and reduced abrasion resistance. This hybrid cross-linked urethane formulation is highly resistant to UV, Epoxy, Enamel, Vinyl and other solvent based screen printing Inks.

Why Spun Cast Urethane?

The Urethane sheet for FARON squeegee blades is manufactured using a high speed centrifuge process. Spun cast urethane is a high speed centrifuge process. Spun Cast urethane is a unique elastomeric material that bridges the gap between highly extensible rubber elastomers and low elongation rigid plastics. Although relatively light in weight, products made from spun cast urethane exhibit high mechanical toughness and chemical resistance compared to other rubber and plastic materials.

The first process in the manufacture of urethane sheet for FARON high performance Squeegee is the metering, mixing and de-gassing of the base polymers. The precisely controlled within the spin casting process ensures inclusion free urethane with enhanced clarity and superior dimensional stability.

Advantages of FARON Squeegee Blades exhibit minimal swelling whilst maintaining hardness, resilience and abrasion resistance throughout life. The special cutting process and the vision inspection control also means that the functional edge of FARON squeegee blades can be maintained within a maximum radius of 0.03mm.

The enhanced abrasion resistance of FARON squeegee together with the exceptional accuracy of the functional edge means that print quality is constantly high and productivity increased. FARON squeegees are colour coded for easy visual identification of blade hardness enabling quick selection of the appropriate blade to suit the print media.

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